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Chicago: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Who Is My Illinois State Representative and...
Identify your Illinois State Representative and district easily and accurately with this guide for Illinois residents.
Here's Why Chicago Is a Phenomenal Museum City
Chicago's museums rank among the best in the world. Find the essential info you need to visit them today, from admissions info, pricing, hours, and more.
Illinois Residents: How to Find Your District...
A guide to help you identify your Illinois State Senator and district easily and accurately within and around Chicago.
Presidential Pet: What Type of Dog is Bo?
Find out the breed of U.S. President Barack Obama's dog, see photo galleries, and read about the controversy surrounding the dog.
Boy Baby Names - Top Illinois Names for Boys in...
Find the 100 most popular baby names for Illinois boys in 2008.
Jobs at Fortune 500 Companies Based in Downtown...
Find Chicago jobs and career opportunities at the ten Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Chicago, IL with this essential Chicago job search list.
10 Classic Chicago Bars
Chicago is one of the best bar towns on the planet. Find a hand-picked list of the best bars in Chicago chosen by Sean Parnell of the Chicago Bar Project.
Want to Know What President Obama Named His...
Find out the name and see photos of the Obama family dog that was promised by the President to his daughters in his Election Night speech.
Who is My Congressional Representative?
Identify your representative to the United States House of Representatives quickly and accurately.
Favorite Chicago Obama Restaurants
Learn more about which Chicago restaurants Barack Obama and Michelle Obama favor when they're in the city.
Chicago Newspapers
Find the major daily, weekly, and bi-monthly newspapers of Chicago, IL with links to each newspaper's site.
List of Counties in Illinois
There are 102 counties in the state of Illinois. This is an alphabetical list of all of them.
Chicago Neighborhoods, Community Areas, Wards...
What is the difference between a Chicago neighborhood and a Chicago community area? What exactly are wards? Find answers, see maps, and more with this Chicago FAQ answer sheet.
How to Contact U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Find contact information, phone numbers, and website resources for U.S. Senator Richard Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois. He is the senior senator from Illinois.
Where is Chicago Located?
Learn more about Chicago, Illinois and see a map of its location.
Best Ski Resorts and Winter Activities Near...
While the east and west coasts boast varied mountain terrain and majestic mountain peaks, the Midwest’s collection of skiing and snowboarding runs isn’t to be ignored. Snow enthusiasts will be impressed these ski resorts near Chicago.
Chicago Neighborhood and Community Newspapers
Find Chicago's neighborhood and community newspapers here.
Chicago Cubs Minor League System
Learn more about the seven minor league baseball teams affiliated with the Chicago Cubs.
Chicago White Sox - All Time Best White Sox...
Who were the best baseball players in the history of the Chicago White Sox? Find out here.
National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum
There is no other museum like the National Vietnam Veteran's Art Museum in the country, and perhaps, the world. While other institutions fill their halls with the artifacts of war, this Chicago museum fills their building with the human experiences of war captured, examined, and expressed through art.

While the museum was initially founded to display work from Vietnam veterans, the NVVAM's mission has expanded to include art work drawn from experiences in all the nation's conflicts.
Illinois Lottery Winning Numbers
Did you win the Illinois lottery? Check here for the official winning numbers.
University of Chicago - 10 Great Things to See...
Find 10 great things to see and do on the campus of the University of Chicago. All are open to the public.
List of Chicago Emergency School Closings
See the most up-to-date list of Chicago school closings and Chicago business closings from the Emergency Closings Center.
You Know You're From Chicago When - 30 Great...
Read our top 30 picks for the best responses to the Twitter Trend
Chicago Dog Parks - What You Need to Know...
Sure, you want Fido to romp in Chicago's dog parks, but you first need a tag and a permit or you could face up to $500 in fines. And, you know that's not coming out of Fido's pocket.
Chicago Spa Profile: Celebrity Manicurist Jade...
Pamper your hands and rescue your nails with George the Salon's Organic Sugar Olive Oil Scrub manicure performed by celebrity nail technician Jade Morales. Each scrub is mixed fresh on-site with organic honey, sugar and olive oil before each 45 minute service, with guests receiving a mini jar to take home as a gift.
How to Confirm Your Voter Registration in Cook...
Here's a quick and easy way for you to confirm whether or not you are registered to vote in the city of Chicago and suburban Cook County, IL.
Brookfield Zoo's Holiday Magic
Get into the holiday season with the Brookfield Zoo's Holiday Magic event, including dates, times, and more.
Daley Plaza - Fast Facts
Find the location, public features, and other fast facts for Daley Plaza in Chicago.
Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier
Come play inside 170,000 square feet of Chicago Blackhawks indoor ice skating, rides including an indoor Ferris wheel, attractions, more at the 13th annual Winter WonderFest at Navy Pier presented by Bank of America.
How to Contact U.S. Senator Roland Burris (D-IL)
Find contact information, phone numbers, and website resources for U.S. Senator Roland Burris, a Democrat from Illinois. He is the junior senator from Illinois.
Voting Rights - Instructions for First Time IL...
Find your IL voting rights, what to do if you believe they have been violated, and special guidelines for first time voters who have registered by mail.
Kimpton Hotels of Chicago Hosts Santa Paws at...
Here comes Santa Paws! For the fourth year in a row, Kimpton Hotels of Chicago will host Santa Paws at the Hotel Allegro, a weekend-long event where neighborhood pets and four-legged hotel companions are invited for holiday treats and photos with Santa. Santa Paws will take place December 8 - 9, 2012.
Pictures of the Clarke House, Chicago, IL
Check out Henry B. Clarke's house, which is located at 1855 S. Indiana Avenue in Chicago, IL. It's considered to be Chicago's oldest building.
The John Hancock Observatory - Planning Your...
Get essential information and a local's perspective on visiting Chicago's John Hancock Observatory.
Chicago's Chinatown in Pictures
See pictures of Chicago's Chinatown and its unique and historic architecture. It's the largest Chinatown in the Midwest and home to more than 8000 residents.
Events at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium
The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is one of the city's most popular attractions. This summer the Shedd Aquarium has several events including Jellies and a special discount days for Illinois residents.
The Tin Man Sculpture in Oz Park, Chicago, IL
The Tin Man sculpture in Oz Park, Chicago. Page 7.
Dogs in Chicago Restaurants - Rules and...
Find out what you need to know to take your dog to a Chicago restaurant.
Barack Obama Speech - Address to Joint Session...
Read the complete, unedited text of the speech President Barack Obama gave before a joint meeting of Congress on February 24, 2009.
Chicago Blogs - Essential Chicago Blogs
Eight Chicago blogs that should be blinking on your radar screen, if they're not already.
DePaul University Student Center in Chicago, IL
DePaul University Student Center, statue of Monsignor John Egan. Page 12.
NATO Summit Road Closures and Changes to Public...
Find out which roads will be closed and which public transportation routes will be affected during the NATO Summit in Chicago in May 2012.
The Chinatown Gate
See pictures of Chicago's Chinatown and its unique and historic architecture. It's the largest Chinatown in the Midwest and home to more than 8000 residents. Page 16.
Oprah Photos - Oprah Celebrates Barack Obama's...
See photos of Oprah Winfrey at Grant Park on the night Barack Obama won his bid to become President of the United States.
Storefront in Chinatown
See pictures of Chicago's Chinatown and its unique and historic architecture. It's the largest Chinatown in the Midwest and home to more than 8000 residents. Page 2.
The Pui Tak Center
See pictures of Chicago's Chinatown and its unique and historic architecture. It's the largest Chinatown in the Midwest and home to more than 8000 residents.
Looking at the East Side of the Clarke House,...
Henry B. Clarke's house is located at 1855 S. Indiana Avenue in Chiago, IL. It is considered the city's oldest surviving structure.
Pumpkins in the Park 5K Race
Be festive this Halloween season and run the annual Pumpkins in the Park 5K race taking place Saturday, October 27, at 5 p.m. in Lincoln Park. Race includes run and walk options, kids race, and post-race festivities.
Budget-Friendly Green Home Improvements with CM...
Learn how to rehab your home with green features and do so on a budget with tips from CM Real Estate Development, an environmentally-friendly home rehab and redevelopment company based in Chicago.
Check Out These Fall Drives Ideas for a Weekend...
Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago? How about taking a fall drive where you can see autumn, pumpkins, apples, and more. Check out these fall drive ideas for a weekend of autumn splendor.
St. Therese Chinese Catholic Mission Church Lions
See pictures of Chicago's Chinatown and its unique and historic architecture. It's the largest Chinatown in the Midwest and home to more than 8000 residents. Page 3.
Chinatown Library
See pictures of Chicago's Chinatown and its unique and historic architecture. It's the largest Chinatown in the Midwest and home to more than 8000 residents. Page 12.
Chicago Gourmet Food Festival Profile
Find tickets, schedule, location and more for Chicago Gourmet, the upscale food festival in Millennium Park.
Enjoy Free Admission to the Chicago History...
The Chicago History Museum is offering free admission for Illinois residents from February 5 - 29, 2012. The Chicago History Museums is located in Chicago's Lincoln Park area on Clark Street.
Call for a State Constitutional Convention -...
Learn more about the Illinois call for a State Constitutional Convention, also known as con-con, that will appear on the November 4, 2008 General Election ballot.
Chicago Area Election Essentials
Find information about early voting, absentee voting, voter registration, sample ballots, and more for the November 4, 2008 election.
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Photos
See photos of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on the day he was arrested, with former Illinois Governor George Ryan, Arnold Schwarznegger, and more.
Chicago Business Profile: Long Distance Movers
If you are planning a long distance move and need a reliable company that can get your items to your new home, consider Chicago's Long Distance Movers. The company has helped hundreds of families move across country with no hassles or stress.
Half Marathon Training Tips
If running a half marathon is a goal for you this year, check out our half marathon training tips to run your best race yet.
Irish American Heritage Center - Photo Tour
Take a photo tour of the massive Irish American Heritage Center located on the northwest side of Chicago.
Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame
The Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame has celebrated the accomplishments of gay and lesbian Chicagoans since 1991. Learn more about this Chicago institution here.
Wrigley Rooftops - Skybox on Sheffield - Fast...
Learn more about watching a Cubs game from the Wrigleyville rooftop bar called Skybox on Sheffield.
European Union Film Festival
Find the dates, times, and schedule for the European Union Film Fest held every year at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago.
Karyn's Raw Food Restaurant, Chicago, IL
Karyn's Raw Food Restaurant on Halsted. Page 14.
Michelle Obama - Chicago Green City Market...
When Alice Waters created a Chicago luncheon for Michelle Obama, Waters insisted all the menu's food come from Chicago's Green City Market. Here's the menu and the local farmers and vendors who were selected.
Rahm Emanuel: Everything You Need to Know About...
Learn about Chicago mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel's past and present, including political career, childhood, family life, and more.
Sean Parnell Bio
Read more about Chicagoan Sean Parnell who is the founder of the Chicago Bar Project.
Michelle Obama Speech at the Democratic...
Read the complete, unedited speech that Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama, gave in Denver, CO on August 25, 2008 at the Democratic National Convention.
Bridgehouse and Chicago River Museum - Fast Facts
Find the location, hours, and special features of Chicago's Bridgehouse and Chicago River museum located in a working bridge house on the Chicago River.
Things to do in Chicago in February - Weekend...
Find out what's happening in Chicago in February. We list some of the most popular events this month, from food to ice skating to the annual Chicago Auto Show.
IL Governor Pat Quinn
See photos of IL Governor Pat Quinn.
Chinatown's American Legion Post
See pictures of Chicago's Chinatown and its unique and historic architecture. It's the largest Chinatown in the Midwest and home to more than 8000 residents. Page 13.
Adler Planetarium's Statement on Obama-McCain...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Chicago's Adler
The Top Five Chicago Bars for Celebrating...
Find our top five, hand-picked Chicago bars for celebrating the holiday season.
Chicago Virgin Mary in the Fullerton Viaduct
See photos and learn the exact location of the Chicago Virgin Mary image located in a viaduct. (These photos are of the vandalized Virgin Mary with a blue devil painted on top of it.)
The Dining Room at Kendall College - Restaurant...
The Dining Room at Kendall College is a training ground restaurant for one of Chicago's premiere culinary institutes - but is it any good?
Five Mistakes Runners Make That Can Affect...
The best race preparation includes hydrating properly, finding the most comfortable gear for warmer conditions and knowing when to train and when to rest. Check out these five common mistakes runners make that can ruin their training and race day experience.
Sunscreen Tips and After-Sun Care
Learn how to protect yourself from the sun naturally with these organic sun protection tips from Chicago=based Dr. Lisa Marie Leonard.
Applauding Local Heroes: Chicago's Dusty Showers
Sometimes it's nice to salute the heroic efforts of Chicagoans. In this case, we'd like to give a shout-out to Chicago's Dusty Showers, whose mission to end breast cancer has extended to helping shelter dogs.
How to Confirm Your Voter Registration in Will...
Here's a quick and easy way for you to confirm whether or not you are registered to vote in Will County, IL.
Lincoln Square Photo Tour
Learn more about Lincoln Square and see pictures of the Lincoln Square neighborhood in Chicago, IL. See great Lincoln Square places to explore like the Old Town School of Folk Music, the Davis Theater, Lincoln Square, and more.
How to Register to Vote in Chicago, IL and...
Register to vote in Chicago, Illinois. Find voter registration deadlines, and how and where you can register to vote in Chicago, Illinois and suburban Cook County, IL.
City of Chicago Warming and Cooling Centers
During extreme cold or hot weather, the City of Chicago offers these six warming and cooling centers to shelter citizens who need them.
National Prayer Service for President Obama
Find the date, time, location, and more for the 2009 Inauguration Prayer Service for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.
Pictures of Lincoln Park in Chicago, IL
Find pictures of many of Lincoln Park's most notable spots, including Alinea Restaurant, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Park West, and more. Lincoln Park is a neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois.
South Shore Cultural Center Profile
Find the location, hours, history, and more for the Chicago Park District's South Shore Cultural Center. It was formerly known as the South Shore Country Club.
Fifth Congressional District - Special PRIMARY...
See sample ballots for the 5th Congressional District Special Election for Rahm Emanuel's open seat to be held on Tuesday, March 3, 2009.
Chicago White Sox Fan Hub
Chicago White Sox info site with what you need to know about this favorite major league baseball team.
Chicago's Humana Race to Taste
Find out everything you need to know about the Humana Race to Taste in Chicago July 12. This 5K race is part of Chicago's biggest summer event, the Taste of Chicago.

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