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You, giver that you are, want to give your giftee something they will rejoice over or at least appreciate a lot. Maybe you're also interested in treating yourself to the same thoughtful gesture. Whatever your quest, we've got great Chicago gift ideas to help you finish off your list with a bang.

1. Top 10 Gifts for Chicago Bears Fans

From a Sweetness jersey to Mike Ditka cigars, find da perfect Bears gift for your football fan.

2. Top 10 Gifts for Blackhawks Fans

We've got Blackhawks fans covered with this list of Hawks essentials.

3. Top 10 Gifts for Chicago Cubs Fans

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
From the ubiquitous floppy hat to the telltale "W" flag, find everything your Cubs fans need and want with this list of hand-picked essentials.

4. Top 10 Gifts for Chicago White Sox Fans

You gotta have a black fitted White Sox cap if you're going to be a fan of the South Side team. Find yours and nine other must-haves here.

5. 10 Most Recent Books Selected by the City of Chicago

Give the gift of literature. Why not get them one or more of the books chosen by the city of Chicago for the One Book, One Chicago program? You can even add a gift card that includes Mayor Daley's comments on why he thinks the book is important.

6. Great Chicago Gift Ideas on a Budget

Matt Bergstrom
Find our low cost gift ideas for Chicagoans and Chicago fans.
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