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Chicago Welcomes Its First Environmentally-Focused Bank: GreenChoice Bank


About GreenChoice Bank:

In 2010, GreenChoice Bank acquired Family Federal Savings of Illinois and rebranded it as an environmentally conscious lender focused on serving sustainably-minded businesses and customers, as well as providing loans for environmentally-friendly small companies and real estate. The acquistion included branches in Cicero and Lockport, IL. In August 2011, GreenChoice Bank opened its flagship location at Chicago's Green Exchange, a 272,000-square-foot eco-friendly office space. GreenChoice Bank offers customers "green banking choices" such as paperless statements and also operates as a green business.

GreenChoice Bank's Green Commitment:

Not only is GreenChoice Bank committed to green banking, it also is committed to being a sustainable business. It's Chicago location, which will be the first in the Midwest to receive LEED Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, includes green features such as:

  • Low VOC paints.
  • Countertops, wall systems, and flooring made out of reclaimed materials.
  • Signage throughout its branch to educate customers on its green traits.
  • Bank debit cards made out of 100% reclaimed plastic.
  • And envelope-free ATMs.

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GreenChoice Bank Locations and Services:

GreenChoice Bank has three locations:

  • Green Exchange, 2545 W. Diversey Ave., Chicago, IL, 773-799-9400.
  • 5225 W. 25th St., Cicero, IL, 708-656-0100.
  • 838 S. State St., Lockport, IL, 815-834-2300.

Services at each branch include:

  • Personal savings and checking.
  • Home lending.
  • Commercial lending.

GreenChoice customers have access to cash at over 36,000 STAR surcharge-free ATMs.

Tip: Like its Chicago location, GreenChoice Bank's Cicero branch has green features including wood wall paneling reclaimed from an old turkey coop; glass wall framing salvaged from another office space; and TV monitors made from recycled components.

More about GreenChoice Bank's Green Commitment:

As an environmentally-focused lender, GreenChoice Bank offers its customers several incentives for "being green," including:

  • Rewarded for making green choices (such as electronic bill pay) with a higher checking account interest.
  • Access to a team of bankers who understand sustainability, are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals, and make their own sustainable choices, including driving hybrid or other Low Emission Fuel Efficient vehicles.
  • Lending to local small businesses and entrepreneurs who create green jobs.

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Contact GreenChoice Bank:

Chicago Green Exchange – 773-799-9400
2545 W. Diversey Ave., #106
Chicago, IL 60647

Cicero – 708-656-0100
5225 W. 25th St.
Cicero, IL 60804

Lockport – 815-834-2300
838 S. State St.
Lockport, IL 60441

24-hour GreenChoice Teller (automated telephone banking) - 877-505-4422 (4GCB).

You can also learn more about GreenChoice Bank on their Web site.

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