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Chicago Jobs - Best Chicago Job Sites for Your Search

Because Knowing Where To Look is Half the Battle


Looking for a job in Chicago? Use these links to the best job listings sites in Chicago.

We've focused on including established job sites and professional associations while avoiding infrequently updated sites or ones that re-hash job listings pulled from elsewhere.

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Now, go forth and bring home the bacon.

Chicago Job Listing Sites from Major and Alternative Media Sources

  1. Chicago Tribune CareerBuilder
    What was once the paper granddaddy of want ads has seen its listings picked off by online competitors over the years, but its online site is still a prime spot for identifying Chicago job openings. CareerBuilder also offers an excellent resource center for job hunters.

  2. Chicago Sun-Times ChicagoJobs.com
    The Chicago Sun-Times job listings are allied with smaller, area newspapers, which offer opportunities across Chicago and an 11 county area.

  3. Chicago Job Listings from the New York Times and more via Indeed.com
    About.com's job search site with Chicago job listings from The New York Times and other media outlets.

  4. Wall Street Journal - CareerJournal Chicago
    The WSJ's complete Chicago job listings.

  5. Craigslist - Chicago Jobs
    A go-to site for job hunters in the Chicago area.

  6. Gapers Block - Jobs
    Steady stream of job postings from the Chicago Job Board Network via this Chicago online web publication.

  7. Illinois WorkNet Job Search Tool
    I like this site, which allows you to search statewide and tends to have a wide range of what seem to be quality jobs.

  8. About.com Job Searching
    Alison Doyle is About.com's uber-popular Guide to Job Search and with good reason. Her excellent, continually-updated site for hunting down the right job is sure to be of help to you.

  9. Chicago Reader Classified Ads – Jobs
    The search engine on this job site is so clunky that I hesitate to even refer you to it. (Who could possibly want a “random sort” option on a job site?) But, the Reader is still known as a good source for jobs, primarily on the north side, so this list could not be considered complete without it.

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