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Partners in Senior Care - Geriatric Care Managment Services


With an aging population (the 85-and-older demopgraphic is expected to triple in the next 40 years to approximately 219 million) and the unprecedented fact that most adult children work and have little to no time to devote to the caregiving process, eldercare solutions are needed now more than ever before. One Chicagoland company that ia offering quality eldercare solutions is Partners in Senior Care - a geriatric care management and in-home private duty care company.

What is Partners in Senior Care:

Partners in Senior Care provides in-home private duty care and geriatric care management services for seniors throughout the Chicagoland area. Their CNAs (certified nursing aides), caregivers, and companion services allow clients to "age in the place where they feel most comfortable and secure," which is in their own homes. Partners in Senior Care also provides CNAs for rehablitation or hospice care.

Services Partners in Senior Care Provide:

Services Partners in Senior Care offers to help seniors age successfully include: - Geriatric care management, including assessing the client and their needs and developing an individualized plan of care. - In-home private duty caregiving for rehabilitation or hospice care. - 24-hour, on-call availability of a staff member, not an answering service. - A Geriatric Care Manager Retainer Program where a caregiver is not needed full-time but is needed in the event of an emergency in the hospital or at home, as examples.

Other Services Partners in Senior Care Provides:

Partners in Senior Care can provide a speaker for the following topics, which are ideal for women's clubs, senior groups, and more.

  • How to anticipate roadblocks in the aging process and how to avoid them.
  • Healthy eating after 50.
  • "I want my life back!" - The sandwich generation is becoming the "panini" generation - fried and grilled! This program offers tips on managing healthcare and ways to involve all siblings in the caregiving process.
  • Medication safety.
  • The pros and cons of senior facilities and how to choose the best one.
  • And more.

Partners in Senior Care's Mission:

Partners in Senior Care is family- and locally-owned. A client will always deal with one of Partners in Senior Care’s family members. With this family-focused philosophy, Partners in Senior Care strivers to be an extension of the client’s family and believes, “it is our family taking care of the client’s family.” Partners in Senior Care’s phones always go to a person, never to an answering machine. They also have a vested interest in their clients. They have walked in the adult child’s shoes on a personal level with their own caregiving needs for their families. As Partners in Senior Care says, “We have been the client, the adult child who needs help caring for their loved ones.”

Partners in Senior Care's Clientele:

Partners in Senior Care’s ideal client is an adult child (professional) who needs help with taking care of their adult parent or loved one. The adult child is typically a career person, or they may not live close to “mom” to do the caregiving. It is important to note that while the adult child is the person Partners in Senior Care deals with in terms of finances, etc., the senior always remains the primary client. Another target client for Partners in Senior Care is the senior advisor, such as a bank trust officer and elder law attorney.

Partners in Senior Care Contact Information:

Partners in Senior Care can be reached at 866-203-7290. They also have a Web site at www.partnersinseniorcare.com and a blog with tips on caregiving and aging successfully.

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