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Discovering Chicago's neighborhoods is a big part of the fun of living here. Explore new neighborhoods, find great things to do, try a new restaurant, and get to know your city better.
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  3. Hyde Park - Kenwood
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Chicago Neighborhoods - Overview

Get the big picture and the lay of the land. Learn more about Chicago's neighorhoods. Find community newspapers, neighborhood farmers markets and more.

Lincoln Park

Tin Man in Oz Park

Lincoln Park is a popular neighborhood on Chicago's north side that is rich with culture, nature, shopping, and, well, rich people. But don't let that keep you from exploring its impressive cultural institutions, memorable restaurants, and tree-lined streets.

Hyde Park - Kenwood

Robie House

The Chicago Hyde Park neighborhood has an intelligent tempo all its own, which is largely, but not entirely, shaped by the presence of the University of Chicago. Even the local barber shop was once called Hair PhD. Add to that its new status as the hometown neighborhood of President Barack Obama and a long stretch of beautiful lakefront, and it's easy to understand why this neighborhood is so popular. Learn more and get great tips for planning your visit.


The pulse of Wrigleyville begins at the historic Wrigley Field and radiates outward. The boundaries are roughly Irving Park on the north, Cornelia on the south, Fremont to the East and Racine to the West. Discover the Chicago Cubs home field community with these resources.

More Chicago Neighborhoods

chinatown chicago

Dip into more of Chicago's neighborhoods with these photo tours and popular neighborhood events.

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