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Hull House Ghost Pictures - Close-up of Figure in the Door
Ghost picture at Hull House in Chicago, IL
Katie Self
This is a close-up of the previous photo.

"The pictures can't really do the place justice," reported Katie. "I have had personal experiences before, but I have never felt so uncomfortable or uneasy as I did here."

When I asked if maybe the photo might be her reflection, Self said she had considered that. "The only people on the property were those of us from the tour, and the group was on the sidewalk at the front of the house waiting to leave. I was wearing light gray, so I don't think its a reflection since it seems to be all black, even the head."

She continued, "That house is definitely creepy. . . for whatever reason, I was especially uncomfortable in the back corner of the garden. I want to say the southwest corner. It's the same corner in the photo with the orb." See that photo next.

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