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RS Owens & Company - Manufacturers of the Oscar


RS Owens & Company - Manufacturers of the Oscar

The Oscar starts in Chicago at RS Owens before any movie star gets to hold it.


RS Owens & Company Overview - Who Makes the Oscars?:

RS Owens was founded in Chicago in 1938 by Owen Siegel. The company has grown to be a premiere supplier of award objects and gifts, including the iconic gold Oscar.

The company is located in the Jefferson Park neighborhood on the city's northwest side. They employ 175 people.

RS Owens & Company Location:

5535 North Lynch Avenue
Chicago, IL 60630
(773) 282-6000

RS Owens & Company - Services:

RS Owens offers a variety of services in order to create awards and gifts for their customers. This includes:

Creative Resources
Mold and Die Making

RS Owens & Company - Other Awards:

In addition to making the Oscars, RS Owens also manufactures:
  • The Emmys
  • MTV Video Music Award
  • The Clio (Advertising)
  • Academy of Country Music Award
  • Spike TV Video Game Award
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Award

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