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Who is My Illinois State Representative and What District Do I Live in?

Also Get Information on Chicago Alderman and Wards


Question: Who is My Illinois State Representative and Which District Do I Live in?

Answer: Chicago and suburban Cook County, IL residents can identify their Illinois state representatives by typing their address into a database with the Illinois State Board of Elections Website. (You can also go to the United States U.S. House of Representatives website and input your zip code.) Your district number can be found in parentheses after your state representative's name. The database also gives contact information for other state elected officials including Illinois Governor, Attorney General, etc., as well as for your local Congressman.

Illinois residents who do not live in Chicago or suburban Cook County, IL can also go to the Illinois State Board of Elections Website to identify their Illinois state representative.

Our state representatives serve in the State of Illinois General Assembly or legislature, which meets in Springfield, IL.

Question: Who is My Chicago Alderman?

Answer: To find out who is your Chicago Alderman and to find out which ward you live in, go to the City of Chicago's website for a complete list of Chicago Aldermen and Wards. The site also includes a ward map.

Question: What is an Alderman?

Answer: The City of Chicago is comprised of 50 wards or legislative districts. Each ward elects one alderman. The 50 aldermen comprise the City of Chicago's Council, who with the Mayor of Chicago, are charged with governing the city. An alderman's term is four years.

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