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Lifestyles and Families, Pets

Find helpful information about living in Chicago and enjoying it for kids and families; singles; seniors; the LGBT community; dogs and pets; veteran services; and more.

Volo Auto Museum - Fast Facts
Find the location, time, map, key features, coupons, and more for the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois.

Baby Names - Illinois Baby Names for Boys and Girls
Find the most popular baby names for boys and girls born in Illinois since 2005.

Baby Names - Top Illinois Girl Baby Names in 2008
Find the 100 most popular baby names for girls in Illinois in 2008.

Boy Baby Names - Top Illinois Names for Boys in 2006
Find the 100 most popular baby names for Illinois boys in 2008.

Top Illinois Girl Names in 2007
Find the 100 most popular baby names for Illinois girls in 2007.

Baby Names - Top Illinois Boy Names in 2007
Find the top 100 baby boy names given to children born in Illinois in 2007.

Chicago Summer Day Camps 2009 - Unique Camps
Find 2009 Chicago summer day camps and summer camps with a unique emphasis with this guide to popular Chicago summer camp programs in the city of Chicago.

Chicago Summer Camps Directory 2009
Track down a summer solution that's just right for your children with this guide to Chicago summer day camps.

Chicago's Kids Summer Sports Camps for Chicago Pro Teams
Find summer camps for kids sponsored by the Chicago Bulls, Bears, White Sox, Cubs, and more.

Chicago's Best Theater Companies for Kids
Find Chicago's best children's theatre companies and organizations.

Girl Baby Names - Top Girl Names in Illinois
Find the 100 most popular baby names for girls in Illinois.

Boy Baby Names - Top Illinois Boy Names
Find the 100 most popular baby names for boys in Illinois in 2006.

Baby Loves Disco Chicago - Review
Baby Loves Disco is a national producer of children's events by the same name. Read a review of Chicago's Baby Loves Disco.

5 Ways to Help Chicago Veterans & Military Personnel
Help support the men and women who give so selflessly to our country and respond with courage to whatever our leaders ask of them.

Bronzeville Children's Museum
A children's museum with a mission of educating and exposing children and their families to the rich cultural experience of African-Americans and people of the African diaspora.

City of Chicago Kids & Families Event Listings
The city of Chicago's listings of events, activities, and classes for kids and families.

Chicago Parent News Magazine Home Page
Find kids' events, resources, parenting tips, coupons, and more on from this local magazine.

Chicago Public School Locator Search Engine
This Chicago Public School search engine allows you to view the geographic location, statistics, web sites, and more of every public school in the city.

Chicago Children's Museum
Official site of Chicago's Children's Museum. Find hours, special exhibits, birthday party information and more.

Family Time Magazine
South suburban magazine dedicated to supporting loving and healthy families. Primary geographic area of focus is south of I-55, and including the cities of Naperville, Bolingbrook, and Plainfield.

Northside Parents Network
Find school fairs, public and private school directories, babysitters, play groups, social clubs, ob/gyn recommendations, baby gear swap opportunities, and more.

Safety Squad - Car Seat Response Team
Chicago-area experts in car seat safety dish recall news, car seat advice, and other pertinent information to keeping kids safe in your car.

South Side Parents Organization
A volunteer organization of parents working on Chicago's south side to build community and connect families with resources. Find school fairs, meeting times, and more.

State of Illinois' Kids Health Care Program
The home page for the the governor's Illinois program that seeks to provide health care for all children in the state. It's called AllKids. Download an application or apply online, get information, and learn more about enrolling children in the program.

Whole Foods Lincoln Park Wellness Club - A Membership for Your Health
Learn everything you need to know about Whole Foods' Lincoln Park Wellness Club, including membership information, costs, benefits, and more.

Volunteering in Chicago
Looking to do more volunteering? Check out our Volunteering in Chicago Guide for ideas.

Get in Shape for Summer with These Fitness and Weight Loss Tips
Summer is quickly approaching in Chicago. Time to get in shape for bikini season with this fitness and weight loss tips from Equinox Fitness.

Half Marathon Training Tips
If running a half marathon is a goal for you this year, check out our half marathon training tips to run your best race yet.

Chicago Beaches
Many people mistake Lake Michigan in Chicago for an ocean with its expansive waters with that seem to have no end in sight and its nearly endless shoreline. And with the Lake Michigan shoreline comes several top beaches in Chicago where you can play volleyball, sunbath, take walks, have a picnic, and more.

Sunscreen Tips and After-Sun Care
Learn how to protect yourself from the sun naturally with these organic sun protection tips from Chicago=based Dr. Lisa Marie Leonard.

2013 is Here: What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?
What's your New Year's resolution for 2013? Find out what are some of the most popular resolutions in Chicago.

Travel Well: How to Be Healthy on the Road
We sat down with Chicago-based health educator Liz Cascio to learn how to travel and not gain weight. Cascio offers tips on how to lower stress when flying, how not to gain weight when you are vacationing and more.

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