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Michelle Obama - Photo Timeline from Bid Announcement to Election Night


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Michelle Obama on the Day Barack Obama Announced his Bid for President
Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Scott Olson/Getty Images
This is one of my favorite of photos of Michelle Obama, even though it's at an angle. It was taken on February 10, 2007, the day her husband, Barack Obama, announced his bid for President of the United States. They're on a plane flying to Iowa after his announcement in Springfield.

I love it for the way he is looking at her and how, if you didn't know, you might think she was the candidate. I love it for how innocent and hopeful they are on that first day of his candidacy. I also love how her pearls and flipped hair-do are so reminiscent of Jackie O's.

Months later, when Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination for President, Michelle would speak at the convention and describe their journey as "improbable." That's what it was in many ways on this airplane ride to Iowa. Who knew where their journey would take them?

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