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Acme Missionary Baptist Church - Best Gospel Choir in America


Acme Missionary Baptist Church - Best Gospel Choir in America
Courtesy Acme Missionary Baptist Church

Acme Missionary Baptist Church - Overview:

The Acme Missionary Baptist Church, located on Chicago's south side, won national acclaim in 2008 when they beat ten other choirs from around the country to win the Verizon Wireless Best Church Choir in America.

Choir director Janet Sutton rearranged the hymn "'Tis So Sweet" and led her 45-member choir in mastering her original arrangement. They were the last to perform at the finals in Atlanta, but they came up first.

Sutton said, "The City of Chicago has really been wonderful in appreciating and celebrating what we've done." They opened Gospel Fest in 2009 and recorded a live album in July.

Acme Missionary Baptist Church - Location and Contact Info:

8758 S. Peoria Avenue
Chicago, IL 60620
Phone: (773)874-5310 or 5522
Fax: (773) 874-8122
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Acme Missionary Baptist Church - Worship Service:

The past of Acme Baptist is Dr. Bernard J. Sutton. They worship every Sunday morning at 11 a.m. All are welcome to attend service and hear the choir.


Gospel Music Fest

Acme Missionary Baptist Church - What Do they Believe?:

According to their website, Acme Missionary Baptist Church defines themselves in five ways:
  1. "We are a body of believers in the Lord Jesus simply doing our best to share him with any and all who would care to know him.
  2. We are a Church family who work together in love and harmony for the advancement of Jesus Christ.
  3. We are a fundamental Bible believing and teaching Church holding the Scriptures to be our standard of living and morality, believing the Bible to be without error, God's inspired Word.
  4. We are a Family that believes in community involvement.
  5. We believe children are important in the Church."
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