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Oprah Quotes - Oprah Winfrey Quotations with Sources


Oprah Quotes - Oprah Winfrey Quotations with Sources

Media giant Oprah Winfrey has become one of the world's most influential women.

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With an uncanny ability to connect with her audience, Oprah Winfrey grew a modest talk show into a media empire.

In 2007, Time Magazine named her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Here are some representative quotes, with sources, from Oprah.

Oprah on Tina Turner

"If there was an award for biggest known groupie of Tina Turner's, I would win that title."
Source: Kennedy Center Honors speech about inductee Tina Turner, December 3, 2005

Oprah on her Girls' Academy in Africa

"I am building a leadership academy for girls that will be the best thing anybody has seen for girls education in South Africa. I'm going to go village to village, personally, myself and with a team of people and pull young girls out of villages and hut who would never, ever dreamed or had the opportunity for education because you're a second class citizen when you are a girl in Africa and other countries. I'm going to give them an opportunity to come to my school and be the leaders of Africa, and I'm doing that one brick at a time. I'm building a girls' academy."
Source: Interview on the "David Letterman Show," December 1, 2005

Oprah on Your Gut

"Your gut is your inner compass. Whenever you have to consult with other people for an answer, you're headed in the wrong direction."
Source: O, The Oprah Magazine, March 2006 (Volume 7, No. 3)

Oprah on the Struggle for Weight Control

"Getting my lifelong weight struggle under control has come from a process of treating myself as well as I treat others in every way. I've learned that you can't eat junk and expect to have an unjunked life."
Source: O, The Oprah Magazine, August 2004 (Volulme 5, No. 8)

Oprah on Slowing Down

"Sometimes in the thick of life, when my call list is longer than the day and people are lined up waiting for meeting after meeting, I just stop. I still myself. And look at a tree. A flower. The sun's light reflecting off the window. And I remember love is available. I inhale it, exhale, and get back to work."
Source: O, The Oprah Magazine, February 2006 (Volume 7, No. 2)

Oprah on Unrealized Beauty

"I've often told the story of Tish Hooker, a pretty woman who visited my church while she was campaigning for her husband, who was running for governor. I was 8. She stopped and told me I was pretty as a speckled pup. I never forgot it, and I make it a point to tell every other little girl I see who may not know her own beauty the same thing."
Source: O, The Oprah Magazine, January 2006 (Volume 7, No. 1)

Oprah on Education

"I believe that education is freedom. I believe that education saved my life."
Source: Interview on the David Letterman Show, December 1, 2005

Oprah on Doing Good

"The surest way to bring goodness to yourself is to make it your intention to do good for somebody else."
Source: O, The Oprah Magazine, January 2006 (Volume 7, No. 1)

Oprah on Political Parties

"Over the years, I have voted for as many Republicans as Democrats."
Source: Speech for Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign in Iowa at Hy-Vee Hall, December 8, 2007

Oprah on the Life She's Earned

"I appreciate the life I've earned too. I've come up the hard the hard way. I felt like it was hard to earn. And therefore I do enjoy it."
Source: Parade Magazine, December 16, 2007
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