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Staying on top of what's going on in Chicago's museums, restaurants, sports, and cultural scenes can be a challenge for even the most highly-caffeinated multi-tasker. Take a breather here and get more of what you want out of the city. Plan a quiet (or loud) evening, discover a theater group, visit Wrigley Field or Soldier Field, wander a museum.
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Sears Tower

Find resources to enjoy and visit Chicago's architectural wonders, learn about design in Chicago, to connect with the city's planning and preservation efforts, or to learn the history of a favorite b


Beyond museums, the performing arts, sports, and kagillions of other options of fun things to do in the city, Chicago also has great attractions. Be sure to explore those, too.

Dogs & Cats

Chicago relishes its dog friendly events and no-kill cat shelters; Fido and Miss Kitty never had it so good. Check here for adoption centers, dog parks, veterinarians, and other resources for enjoying your furry kings and queens.

Festivals and Events

From the Taste of Chicago to the Air and Water Show, Chicago's annual events and festivals are a key part of what makes the city thrive and alive throughout the year. Find the dates of your favorites and learn more about what's going on in Chicago throughout the year.


Chicago loves all its holidays in one way or another. Find resources here to enjoy yours to the fullest.

Lesbian and Gay Life (LGBT)

Connect here with Chicago's vibrant LGBT communities.


Chicago's film and movie scene emerged in the early 1900's when the Polyscope Company and the Essanay studios set up shop in the city. More than a century later, it continues to thrive.

Museums and Galleries

Chicago offers some of the best museums in the world. How lucky are we that they're right in our back yard?


My favorite part of Chicago's annual march of parades is that just about every one of them has a "show must go on" policy. In other words, marchers must march in all kinds of weather. But, they're rarely alone. Chicago spectators are hard-core. Find what you need to enjoy Chicago's parades here.

Parks and Nature

When Chicago incorporated as a city in 1837, it was given the motto "Urbs in Horto," which means "City in a Garden." Thankfully, despite the incredible pace of development and threats to our ecosystems, the garden spirit thrives today. Use this site to find resources for enjoying and preserving the city and state's natural areas, parks, waterways, and Lake Michigan.

Restaurants, Food, and Drink


Chicago offers some of the best restaurants in the country and on the globe. But every local knows, it's not just the five stars that offer great food, the lesser known restaurants deliver wonderful dining experiences and unique flavors, too. Finding those neighborhood gems is half the fun of exploring the city's culinary landscape.

Sports and Recreation

Chicago is a slam dunk marathon kind of town. Find schedules, teams, and resources for enjoying professional and amateur leagues, recreational activities, and more.


When New York hands out Tony Awards, Chicago almost always takes some home. Find out why Chicago's theater scene is among the best in the country by going to a play or seeing a dance performance.

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