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The Chicago Park District's Haunted Sanitarium - Halloween 2009


Haunted Sanitarium Overview:

The Chicago Park District runs a haunted house out of the Theater on the Lake every Halloween. In fact, the building actually used to be a sanitarium, so mind this while you wind your way through its hallways.

The Chicago Park District's website describes the history like this,

"Designed in 1913 and constructed in 1920, the Theater on the Lake building was originally built as the Chicago Daily News Fresh Air Fund Sanitarium, a recuperation ward for babies suffering from tuberculosis and other diseases. The pavilion housed 250 baby cribs, nurseries and rooms for older children.
Doctors and nurses contributed their services and children were treated to fun-filled days in 'the country.' Free health services were provided to more than 30,000 children each summer until 1939, when the sanitarium closed."

This year's sanitarium promises an Egyptian tomb, graveyard, and a "demented clown's test lab." They are also hosting a waiting area with food and Halloweeny movies.

Haunted Sanitarium Location:

Theater on the Lake
Fullerton and the Lake Front
2401 N. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60616

IMPORTANT NOTE: Both Google maps and MapQuest don't quite get the location right. The Theater (haunted house) is exactly just northeast of the intersection of the northbound off and on ramp of Lake Shore Drive and Fullerton. That is to say that it is east of Lake Shore Drive at Fullerton. If you are driving, you need to park somewhere west of Lake Shore Drive and walk to the haunted house. There is no parking east of Lake Shore Drive. Hope that helps.

Haunted Sanitarium Dates:

  • TBD

Haunted Sanitarium Hours:

  • TBD

Haunted Sanitarium Admission :


Haunted Sanitarium - Good to Know Before You Go:

  • Recommended for ages 13 and up.
  • Reduced fee validated parking available at the Lincoln Park Zoo lot. The entrance to this lot is just west of the Theater on the Lake at Cannon Drive and Fullerton.
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