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Want to learn more about Chicago's many diverse neighborhoods? Here you can take tours of the city's neighborhoods. Learn what's special about them, and find out where to eat, drink, and shop.
  1. Chicago Neighborhoods (4)

Chicago Neighborhood Tours
The City of Chicago's official neighborhood tours program. Find schedules, routes, download a brochure, or review a neighborhood map.

10 Great Things to See in Chicago's Hyde Park-Kenwood Neighborhood
The Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago is rich in natural beauty, intellectuals, and must-see cultural gems. Now, it also gets billing as home to the President of the United States Barack Obama. Learn more about this popular south side neighborhood and get great tips for planning your visit.

Chicago Neighborhoods, Community Areas, Wards – Maps and FAQs
What is the difference between a Chicago neighborhood and a Chicago community area? What exactly are wards? Find answers, see maps, and more with this Chicago FAQ answer sheet.

Chicago Neighborhood & Community Maps
A one-stop site for your community map needs from the City of Chicago's web site. Download maps for each neighborhood or for the entire city.

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