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Chicago Pictures - Chicago Picture Galleries - Chicago Photos
See hundreds of Chicago pictures and photo galleries with these photos of Chicago people, Chicago events, Chicago places, and more.
Taste of Chicago Photos - Chicago Travel - About.com
Taste of Chicago is the most attended event in Chicago, drawing millions of people, including me -- here are some of my Taste of Chicago photos.
Taste of Chicago Photos - Gold Coast Dogs
Of course Taste of Chicago would not be complete without a sampling of one of our most famous delicacies, the hot dog.
Taste of Chicago Photos - Copper Cowboy
The living statue Copper Cowboy certainly draws attention at Taste of Chicago. Where does one even get copper makeup? Or is it spray paint?
Chicago Chinatown Pictures - See Photos of Chinatown in Chicago
See pictures of Chicago's Chinatown and its unique and historic architecture. It's the largest Chinatown in the Midwest and home to more than 8000 residents.
Taste of Chicago Photos - Water Ride - Chicago Travel - About.com
The Taste of Chicago also has some elaborate carnival rides. My kids loved this water ride, while I stood there watching and wondering how the heck they got all  ...
International Kennel Club Dog Show Chicago Photos - Chicago Travel
The International Kennel Club (IKC) dog show is held annually at Chicago's McCormick Place. Over 1000 handlers compete with over 6000 canines to see ...
Chicago Christmas Pictures - Chicago Photos at Christmas Time
See photos of Chicago during Christmas. ... Christmas Trees for Sale in a Chicago Parking Lot. I've always thought these Christmas tree lots that speckle the ...
Taste of Chicago Photos - Side Stages - Chicago Travel - About.com
Besides the big names at the Petrillo Music Shell, the Taste of Chicago also has several side stages featuring a variety of local musicians.
Taste of Chicago Photos - Petrillo Music Shell - Chicago Travel
The Taste of Chicago is host to a number of national acts that perform at the Petrillo Music Shell.
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