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Photo Gallery of Bo Obama, The First Dog - Chicago - About.com
See a photo gallery of the President Barack Obama's dog, Bo, and the first family playing with their new dog Bo.
What Breed Is President Obama's Dog, Bo? - Chicago - About.com
Find out the breed of U.S. President Barack Obama's dog, see photo galleries, and read about the controversy surrounding the dog.
What Is the Name of President Obama's Dog? - Chicago - About.com
Answer: The Obamas named their dog Bo. Some say the name choice may have been after singer Bo Diddley or perhaps it was a play on the President's initials.
Obamas' 2013 Martha's Vineyard Vacation - New England Travel
Is Martha's Vineyard dog-friendly? It is! And not just if your dog happens to be named Bo Obama. Bo the Portuguese water dog went along with the Obamas ...
5 Wacky Myths About Obama - US Government - About.com
Did "Bo" Obama Take a Private Jet?. Getty Images. If you believe everything you read in your email inbox, Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya who is ...
A History of Pets in the White House - Pet Shops - About.com
Current first pet Bo Obama enjoys the spotlight. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. A President's Day Parade of First Pets: Just about every commander in ...
Obama Dog - Photos of the White House Dog - Washington, DC
See photos of the Obama Dog, Bo, the White House Dog is a Portuguese Water Dog.
Obama Dogs - Photo of the White House Portuguese Water Dogs
The Obama Family acquired a new dog in August 2013, see photos of Sunny and Bo.
Barack Obama and His Dog Bo - Washington, DC - About.com
U.S. President Barack Obama runs down a corridor with the family's new dog, Bo, a six-month old Portuguese water dog, in the White House in Washington, DC.
Barack Obama - First 100 Days in Office Photo Timeline - Chicago
Introducing the First Puppy, Bo. The First Family grew by one on Easter Sunday 2009 when President Obama made good on an election night promise.
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