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Photo Gallery of Bo Obama, The First Dog - Chicago - About.com
See a photo gallery of the President Barack Obama's dog, Bo, and the first family playing with their new dog Bo.
What Breed Is President Obama's Dog, Bo? - Chicago - About.com
Find out the breed of U.S. President Barack Obama's dog, see photo galleries, and read about the controversy surrounding the dog.
What Is the Name of President Obama's Dog? - Chicago - About.com
Answer: The Obamas named their dog Bo. Some say the name choice may have been after singer Bo Diddley or perhaps it was a play on the President's initials.
Myths About Obama - US Government Info - About.com
Did "Bo" Obama Take a Private Jet?. Getty Images. If you believe everything you read in your email inbox, Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya who is ...
Obamas' 2013 Martha's Vineyard Vacation - New England Travel
Is Martha's Vineyard dog-friendly? It is! And not just if your dog happens to be named Bo Obama. Bo the Portuguese water dog went along with the Obamas ...
Obama Dog - Photos of the White House Dog - Washington DC
See photos of the Obama Dog, Bo, the White House Dog is a Portuguese Water Dog.
Obama Dogs - Photo of the White House Portuguese Water Dogs
The Obama Family acquired a new dog in August 2013, see photos of Sunny and Bo.
Barack Obama - First 100 Days in Office Photo Timeline - Chicago
Introducing the First Puppy, Bo. The First Family grew by one on Easter Sunday 2009 when President Obama made good on an election night promise.
Bo, el perro de la Casa Blanca - Perros - About.com
6 Nov 2012 ... Sobre Bo Nació el 9 de octubre de 2008, justo antes de que Barack Obama fuera elegido. Tenía seis meses cuando llegó a la Casa Blanca en ...
Fotos de Bo, el perro de los Obama - Perros - About.com
Apenas tenía seis meses cuando llegó a la Casa Blanca, pero el público lo ha visto crecer y convertirse en un perro adulto, sociable y equilibrado. Bo Obama ...
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