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As a travel journalist Lisa Davis has trekked around the world, from Havana to Shanghai, but she proudly calls Chicago home. There's no city she knows better than her hometown and no city she enjoys more, in any season. Not only do her family and friends rely on her for tips on things to do and see in Chicago, so do thousands of others who trust Lisa's Windy City recommendations. (Lisa's travel discoveries are also published in several award-winning news outlets including the Chicago Tribune, USA TODAY, WGN Radio, Foxnews.com and more.)

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From Wrigley Field to Chinatown and any neighborhood in between, Lisa is "The Chicago Expert." She is a trusted source for all things Chicago, including restaurant and bar openings, sporting events, festivals, museums, new hotels, spas and more. Lisa has visited every museum in Chicago, attended every summer street festival, walked through every neighborhood, and cried at more Cubs' losses than she cares to remember. For Lisa, writing about Chicago is more than just about giving readers the run-of-the-mill information. It is about uncovering those hidden gems Chicago has and which keep her readers coming back for more.


Lisa is a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

By Lisa Davis:

"Not only is Chicago one of the most beautiful cities with its architecture and lakefront, but it's also one of the most entertaining. In one day alone you can see works of art from Picasso, take in a baseball or hockey game, eat at a forward-thinking, localvore restaurant, and end the day listening to some of the best blues and jazz music in the country. Let me be your personal tour guide to the what Chicago has to offer and then you can see why I could live here a 100 years and never get bored."

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